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My Blood Type Is Tea!

A body in motion stays in motion...blood in in a body in motion also stays in motion or rather motions better! So many of us are living a sedentary life whether it our intention or not. I know my smart watch is always tapping me to get up and move! Siri is such a nag! Moving and stretching throughout the day are great way to prevent blood clots and to encourage better blood flow. Blood is an interesting part of our system as its not one of the easiest things to improve the condition of. It really depends on what you're looking to improve. Circulation?...elevate. Flow?...hydrate. Blood clots?...elongate. (stretching didn't rhyme!!)

Other than limiting or removing things from our diet there are things we can add to help our blood! Let's talk about hydration, it's one of the hardest things for me to focus on because when I do attempt to drink the recommended amount of water I'm in the washroom a thousand times a day...ain't no one got time for that! So one of the things I try to drink is something that is going to be better absorbed by my body. Mineral water is great but Rooibos tea is my favorite way to hydrate!

Rooibos or Redbush tea is a caffeine free herbal tea that is low on tannins so it will automatically not dehydrate you like black tea and some green teas can. It also does not interfere with the absorption of iron (bonus since we are talking about blood!) It contains high levels of a variety of minerals, including iron, calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Blood loves all of those minerals! Let's make a tea blend that will not make your blood boil!

This is really a blend that you can do to your taste. Personally I looooove our Sweet Auburn a red rooibos tea with vanilla, calendula and almonds (vitamin E in the almonds is also good for circulation, double dipping yay!). I would want that as the front note of my blend. The green rooibos is going to have a flavor similar to green teas and the ginger is going to bring a little bit of spice! Brook's blend would be 2:1/2:1 1/2 Red:Green:Ginger. Now if you like it spicy then you'd probably go with a blend that Joy would like 1:1:2 Red:Green:Ginger, she loves a good ginger kick in the taste buds! Any way you blend these they will make your blood happy!

Other happy blood options: Cayenne Pepper and turmeric. Garlic. Citrus fruit and berries. Beets and onions.

Happy Tea-toxing!

Etagere #sipshopsoak

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