Etagere High Tea Menu

(all small bites, each guests gets everything)


Traditional Current 

Lemon Blueberry





Dill pickle potatoes and corn set on

top of a bed of greens 




White bean and cucumber

sprinkled with bacon pieces




Traditional egg salad finger sandwich


Beef tenderloin  & aioli crostini


Apricot & blue cheese canapé

 with candied pecans and infused with our

mango rose tea


Lightly sweetened mascarpone mousse and

tomato jam on a mixed nut cracker

topped with a garlic crouton


Butternut squash (delicately infused with our Farmers Market tea)

and asiago cheese triangles

Potato leaf cups filled with twice baked

potato laced with a smokey herb goat cheese

All pastries made in house and are 

European inspired!