Etagere High Tea Menu

(all small bites, each guests gets everything)


Ginger Peach

Rosemary Ricotta

Maple Bacon Cream 



Sweet kale salad topped with 

cranberry relish



Stout Pub Cheese 



Sweet Bloody Mary egg salad finger sandwich


Turkey, blended herb stuffing, cranberry relish and

creamed cranberry on a butter croissant 


French onion pastry cup topped with 

gruyere  cheese


Sweet potato puff with crab and artichoke


Stacked shrimp, one frittered one naked both lime infused 


Double baked spicy pumpkin tart with a

garlic crouton topped with pancetta 

All pastries are European inspired also

featuring our artisan bon bons

(check out our chocolate case for more to take home!)