Etagere High Tea Menu



Earl gray and white chocolate, Lemon peppered

cranberry, Cherry 

 served with whipped cream,  flavored butter and preserves



Spinach & mixed greens salad w/ gorgonzola cheese, dried pear, almonds and bits of bacon


Chilled spicy peach soup topped with marshmallow and basil sugar crystals  


Finger Entrees

Deviled egg


Puffed pastry shell filled with traditional egg salad topped with grilled shrimp and a cherry tomato 


Roasted vegetables with spiced tzatziki 

on flatbread


Salmon crostini with squash noodles and micro greens, salmon spread and brown mustard 


Dill chicken salad with water chestnuts on a croissant


Baked corn fritters topped with fried cheese drizzled with fig vinaigrette


Watermelon cube with gorgonzola mousse sprinkled with habanero sugar crystals garnished and with an edible flower


All pastries made in house and are 

European inspired!