Etagere High Tea Menu

(all small bites, each guests gets everything)


Garlic & lemon roasted shrimp



French onion soup bite


Lemon poppyseed scalloped oval

Spicy chai w/ cinnamon sugar flower

Rosemary & thyme ricotta circle



Chicken cordon bleu on a mini croissant 


Traditional egg salad

Lemon boursin cucumber tea sandwich

on pea flower bread

Sun dried tomato sitting on top of whipped herb ricotta drizzled with a cara cara balsamic vinegar* on homemade sun-dried tomato bread


Scalloped butternut squash tart


Baked mushroom & onion bite topped with english extra sharp cheddar


Seasoned toastette w/ blue cheese, fig & chives crowned with an apricot triangle


*From Monadnock Oil and Vinegar

All pastries are 

European inspired

Etagere Low Tea Menu

(all small bites, each guests gets everything)

Enjoy our Low Tea, inspired by a

 victorian style picnic basket.




Strawberry lavender

Raspberry walnut

Sweet red pepper

~personal jar of  jam and cream~


Fruits of the season and cheese



Zucchini Friendship Sandwich~

smoked turkey on zucchini bread topped

with sprouts and artichoke

Traditional Egg Salad Sandwich


Brie in puffed pastry bite


Caramelized onion birds nest


Fig and cheese bites


Cream Puffed Swan


Victorian Sponge Cake


Coconut Financier




Pecan Ball