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Beauty Bar Service Menu

CBD Facial with Gua Sha- Our CBD facial will give you more that glowing skin! CBD may be able to help reduce swelling, pain, and redness from existing breakouts, or irritation from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Along with the benefits of CBD we pair the Gua Sha facial massage technique to revive tired muscles and promote lymphatic drainage! We use Lord Jones CBD skincare in this luxurious treatment that will have you relaxed and refreshed!     $85

High Facial- Take relaxation to the next level, the High facial includes all we do in the Low Facial but adds on more luxury! Layering the mask with a warm paraffin treatment helps open the pores to allow the deepest absorption. During this time your shoulders arms and hands get some pampering too! We finish with a chilled jade face roller to stimulate circulation and awaken you from the depths of relaxation!     $65  

Low Facial- This service is all about unwinding, we focus on gently soothing your skin and relaxing your mind. Starting with a gentle cleanse followed with customized exfoliation, a mask. and always includes a dreamy face and shoulder massage!     $50  


Ultrasonic LED Facial- Efficient and effective our newest facial combines the restorative properties of water and the healing properties of light. They come together to bring you more than relaxation! A 30 minute hydro exfoliating ultrasound treatment followed by LED light therapy for a variety of targeted benefits. You must choose before booking whether you'd like a single light cycle or a multi light cycle during your facial. Please click here to see options (put your choice in the notes section of the online booking or let us know when calling to book) Also comes with an anti -aging french gommage hand treatment and massage   $55

Full Body Brilliance- Scrub, smooth and hydrate your stress away with one of our custom body treatments. A full body custom sugar scrub is followed up with a fresh hand blended décolletage to toe replenishing mask! While your body is soaking in the hydration we will further relieve stress and tension with a head massage and  a face mask. This service feels luxurious but you'll find it to be more of a necessity for all times of year!     $85

Full Body Detox- Starting out with a head to toe dry brushing that will help detox your lymphatic system and invigorate your circulation. Then our French Green Marine clay mask will absorb impurities leaving your skin feeling tight and clean while infusing your body with good for you minerals including magnesium and potassium. While the clay is working its magic you'll be lulled into further relaxation with a tension relieving scalp massage and a face mask.      $85  

Low Pedicure- Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, a custom scented of your choice exfoliation, callus removal, foot and leg massage also infused with the custom scent of your choice and your choice of CND Vinylux polish.     $50


High Pedicure- Traditional foot and nail care enhanced with a custom scented of your choice hydrating and exfoliating milk leg mask, a foot paraffin treatment,  foot and leg massage and your choice of CND Vinylux polish.     $65    

CBD Pedicure- In addition to our luxurious traditional pedicure treatment our CBD pedicure includes a revitalizing CBD soak, CBD and magnesium infused mask  and massage to all around soothe your tired and achy feet and legs-      $75


Low or High Shellac Pedicure- Proper removal and application of Shellac Gel polish on toes. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, a custom exfoliation, callus removal and foot massage.     $65 Low  $80 High

Low Manicure- Includes nail shaping, cuticle care, custom scented of your choice hand massage and your choice of CND Vinylux  polish.     $30


High Manicure- Traditional hand and nail care enhanced with a custom scented of your choice exfoliation, custom hydrating  paraffin treatment, finished with a custom scented of your choice hand massage.     $40

Low or High Shellac Manicure- Proper removal of Shellac gel polish, includes traditional hand and nail care, hand massage and your choice of CND Shellac gel polish.     $43 Low $53 High

Now Introducing CND Plexigel

Plexigel is a soft gel nail enhancement system that provides

up to 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape.

Low or High Plexigel Overlay- Strengthen and protect you natural nail using CND Plexigel over your natural nails. Includes cuticle cleanup and nail shaping along with CND Shellac or Vinylux polish of your choice. $65 Low $75 High*

Low or High Plexigel Extentions- We add length by sculpting, using tips or using full coverage tips. After a quick consultation we will determine which enhancement system is best for you!  Includes cuticle cleanup and nail shaping along with CND Shellac or Vinylux polish of your choice.   $95 Low $105 High* 

Low or High Plexigel Rebalance- This is the follow up appointment to all of your original Plexigel. We remove your polish, clean up your shape and cuticles, backfill with Plexigel and finish with CND Shellac or or Vinylux polish of your choice. Always includes a hand massage!     $55 Low  $65 High*


*see above manicures for the difference between Low and High

Luxury Makeup Application- We start with a mini face treatment to prep your skin  for your custom application. We use Mirabella Beauty cosmetics a mineral based makeup created to stay true to your natural beauty!     $55    



Our Beauty Bar scent menu is inspired by all of the scents and flavors in our cafe!
From Matcha to Lavender you'll have a hard time choosing!  
These custom scents are 
available for any of your treatments.
We hope you enjoy mixing and matching for a unique sensory experience!

Foot Soak Service Menu

Ionic Detox Foot Soak-  Water is charged with positive and negative ions – electrolytes – which helps to indicate where you should focus a detox plan.  The machine produces electricity in the human body, ionizing body fluids and blood. After the complex biochemical reaction, the system releases energy, strengthens the cell vitality, promotes various enzyme activation, improves the metabolism of human body, increases organ function and discharge of long-term accumulation of free radicals.    $35 

CBD Foot Soak- Handcrafted with organic, nourishing coconut oil, therapeutic-grade essential oils and epsom salts. The heat from the bath improves CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits. Dissolving a CBD-infused product, like a bath soak helps expedite  the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores. This treatment also comes with a CBD infused cup of tea and sweet treat!     $45

Refresh & Hydrate Foot Soak- A 30 minute soak in an organic herb blend of peppermint, lemon balm & ginger will stimulate your tired feet! The milk & honey blend will soften and hydrate! Always comes with a calming cup of tea!     $30  add CBD $20

Wildflower Unicorn Sparkle Foot Soak- A glittery bath of milk, epsom salt, baking soda and a floral mix of roses, peony, jasmine and other wild flowers. This warm soak will soften, exfoliate and relieve sore muscles! The soft aromatherapy will soothe your senses!   $30     add CBD $20

Anti Everything Foot Soak- Get your feet feeling rejuvenated with this invigorating soak.  Ayurvedic herbs in an apple cider vinegar and epsom salt bath. This blend is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

Always comes with a calming cup of tea!  $30     add CBD $20

Shiatsu Foot Massage- Add this on to your foot soak! Tired and achy feet will love the combo of heat, kneading, rolling, compression and vibration. 15 min will help with circulation, prevent swelling and reduce pain. Find the right combo and you may just want to keep your feet tucked in all day!     $15/ 15 min

Please call for same day appointments 603-417-3121

Walk in* or call ahead we are waiting for you to come in and take some you time. Our foot soak services are available anytime you need to recharge and relax!

*reservations are always encouraged
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