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Sex, drugs and Rock 'n roll? Noooo Tea, Minerals and Heavy Metal!

The likelihood of the average American having heavy-metal poisoning is slim. Modern research has showed us that the heavy metals that do enter our system can back up and affect the function of our gut and liver and therefore many other organs. Some of us can avoid food and products that have heavy metals in them some of us cannot. Fortunately there are things that we can add to our diet to help our body be on the offense. From my research I have found that algae is the best to help purge these toxins. Now I don't know about you but I'm not about to scoop a spoonful of spirulina into my tea but I might be persuaded to put tea in my smoothie!

The thing about eating things into your eating habits is finding a way to add it to already existing habits I know myself I have a hard time with change so let's talk about making this mixture and a couple of ways to consume it!

Let's start with our teas as a base:

1 tsp Farmers Market Fruit tea (tomatoes help purge HM)

1 tsp Just Green (a lovely organic senche)

(powder these together)

1/2 tsp algae powder (spirulina, chlorella, atlantic dulse)

handful of wild blueberries

peel a lemon and toss in 1/4 (freeze the rest for your next smoothie)

*add ice and water to the texture you want for a smoothie

*juice lemon and blueberries and add to tea, stir in algae

Ice it, heat it blend it with ice and add it to your day!

Happy Tea-toxing!

Etagere #sipshopsoak

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