Afternoon High Tea

​Never intended to replace dinner but rather to fill in the long gap between lunch and dinner. Afternoon or Low Tea was traditionally a 4pm serving of tea sandwiches, scones and cakes. When tea was served later, after working hours, it became known as High Tea. High Tea was generally served with heartier dishes like meat pies and cheeses! Etagere has taken the culinary tradition of both to bring an unforgettable experience!

$29.95 per person

served daily at 1:00pm

reservations needed

(pay attention to new booking directions)

or Call 603-417-3121 to make reservations


You might have heard of it as a hobbit's third meal of the day. Outside of Middle Earth, this late-morning work break involves a light meal — think sweet and savory breads, meats and cheeses — and a hot tea or coffee.

$17.95 per person

served daily at 11:00am

no reservation needed

Our menu will change seasonally,  imagine whimsy and expect the unexpected!