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Humor-us with your Gall...

The four humors were a medical theory by Hippocrates that fell out of fashion in the 1850s. Do you find yourself ambitious and decisive? According to the greek physician your yellow bile humor is out of whack! It could cause you to be irrational and angry...oh the horrors! Hippocrates might have prescribed dancing naked under the summer sun as a remedy, fortunately modern medicine does much for our voyeuristic hesitations! Allegedly I had a gallbladder attack years ago, it was horrible. Besides the pain was the embarrassment of answering the nurses question "What did you have for dinner?" My truthful answer "A Whopper...with cheese" She probably raised her eyebrows but I was in to much pain to notice! Now Joy not the other hand was much more dramatic with her last gallbladder attack. She had it on a cross country flight wherein the airline had to radio out to have an ambulance waiting for her on the runway! Fever, cold sweats and almost sepsis...she probably had a whopper for dinner too!

Two types of gallbladder problems that most people deal with are inflammation and gallstones. Of course the intention would be preventing and hoping to not get to the point where you have to treat either of these maladies. Vitamin C, calcium, and B vitamins are good for your gallbladder. Adding more leafy greens to your diet is an obvious adjustment! But let's make a tea blend that will add to your meal changes and increase your consumption of these vitamins.

Our Strawberry Kiwi fruit tea is a great place to start! Sweet strawberries are blended with kiwi to create a fruit tea that is both flavorful and refreshing. Apple, hibiscus and rosehips are also in this concoction! All these fruit are high in both vitamin C & B. Milk??? Green smoothie???

Other happy gallbladder options: Bell peppers. Dark, leafy greens. Milk and dairy with lower fats. Sardines, fish and shellfish. Beans and lentils. Nuts. Tofu and tempeh.

Happy Tea-toxing!

Etagere #sipshopsoak

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