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A Joint Add-venture

Noooo...not that joint and nooo...not an adventure we are talking about a health venture!

We all know there's no cure all for our aches and pains and ever growing human maladies. Lawd knows my neck, back and knees could use that magical pill! So until that fantasy becomes a reality what can we do to temper the pain??

Green, black, and white teas are packed full of polyphenols that offer anti-inflammatory effects when consumed on a regular basis. Pairing teas with other healing and regenerative vitamins and minerals can give your joints the slip and slide that they need! In my research I found out that I'm already partaking in one of the many things that can reduce, coffee, coffee....well maybe just coffee, coffee as 1-2 cups a day is all that is recommended to reap the benefits without the negative side effects (blah blah blah) what I now know I need to do is replace my 3 o'clock coffee with a cuppa tea! Here's a recipe that will be first on my list to try:

Silver Moonlight is the the most flavorful white tea I have ever had...its obnoxiously giant leaves really pack a punch but I like a little more complexity to my cuppa. Enter Mango Rose...also a white tea but with floral being the forefront flavor. I would recommend a 3:1 ratio when blending this tea for the benefits of anti-inflammation. Now if you want an extra punch to your knee cap add a bit of Turmeric to your cup. Hot or iced, your joints will be thanking you!

Other happy joint options: Orange, tomato, pineapple, carrot, grape, tart cherry, and cranberry juices. Red wine. Mineral Water. Nettle Tea.

Happy Tea-toxing!

Etagere #sipshopsoak

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