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Lord Jones CBD Product Information

CBD Acid Mantle Repair Moisturizer 



Give your skin a radiant glow with The Acid Mantle Repair CBD Moisturizer. This pH balanced formula was developed to help maintain the acid mantle and rebalance the appearance of stressed skin. It contains a proprietary blend of bisabolol, ginger and elecampane flower helps to boost protection from environmental pollutants.


  • Sustainably Sourced Squalane: Hydrate and bind moisture for smooth, supple skin. 

  • Clinically tested to show significant improvement in facial skin hydration and moisture barrier function within just 30 minutes of use.


  • Features a 5-ceramide complex that works in harmony with our full spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract and sunflower seed oil to rebalance skin. Ceramides are lipids that help form the skin's barrier and retain skin moisture, which keep the acid mantle healthy.

  • Improves dull complexion and leaves skin looking more radiant and luminous^

Clinical Report

Clinically tested to work within 30 minutes of use

Improves moisture barrier function

Improves dull complexion

Improves skin hydration by 75%

Reverse dry skin after a single application

*Results compared to baseline within the same subjects in a third-party clinical trial with 33 female adults.

Pore Detox CBD Facial Oil



Our Pore Detox CBD Face Oil is formulated to balance oil and visibly clarify pores, without stripping moisture. Truly an oil-balancing oil, Pore Detox features a blend of moisturizing plant oils to smooth skin and leave it looking softer, healthier and visibly clearer. 


  • CBD, Tea Tree Oil, and Blue Tansy work together to purify and visibly clear pores.

  • Pore Detox gives skin a refreshed and youthful look.

  • Pore Detox significantly reduces the noticeability of pores after 2-4 weeks of use.



  • Pore Detox is specially designed with Jojoba Oil and Squalane to mimic natural sebum (oil), which balances the oil on skin for healthier looking pores.

  • Rebalances and hydrates skin without clogging pores.

  • Contains antioxidants to detoxify skin and a blend of essential oils for a smooth and more balanced feeling skin.

Clinical Report

Of 31 adult female participants in a clinical trial:  

After 2 weeks

  • 100% of those with noticeable pores saw an improvement after 2 weeks 

  • 100% of those with tired skin reported looking refreshed and youthful after 2-4 weeks

  • 89% of those with visibly clogged pores saw an improvement after 2-4 weeks

After 4 weeks 

  • 86% of those with uneven skin tone reported even skin tone after 4 weeks 

  • 100% of those with dry skin reported an improvement after 4 weeks 

  • 100% of those with oily skin saw an improvement after 4 weeks 

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