Walk in or call ahead we are waiting for you to come in and take some you time. Our solo services are available anytime you need to recharge and relax!

CBD Foot Soak- Handcrafted with organic, nourishing coconut oil, therapeutic-grade essential oils and epsom salts. The heat from the bath improves CBD's anti-inflammatory benefits. Dissolving a CBD-infused product, like a bath soak helps expedite  the process of CBD absorption into the skin and bloodstream through the pores. This treatment also comes with a CBD infused cup of tea and sweet treat!     $45

Package of 6 $243

Ionic Detox Foot Soak- Ionic foot treatments have become a fast growing trend in holistic therapy.  What you should know is that this is not a traditional detox treatment, the main goal of the foot treatment is to make the body's Ph level more alkaline.  An alkaline body can be essential to our health.  An acidic body can be a comfortable home for free-radicals, bad bacteria and other havoc wreaking pollutants!  Regularly treating yourself to an ionic foot bath can be both  luxurious and beneficial here at Etagere! This treatment always comes with a cup of  tea!     $35 

Package of 6 $189

Refresh & Hydrate Foot Soak- A 30 minute soak in an organic herb blend of peppermint, lemon balm & ginger will stimulate your tired feet! The milk & honey blend will soften and hydrate! Always comes with a calming cup of tea!     $25 add CBD $20

Package of 6 $135

Anti Everything Foot Soak- Get your feet feeling spring ready with this invigorating soak.  Ayurvedic herbs in an apple cider vinegar and epsom salt bath. This blend is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

Always comes with a calming cup of tea!  $25     add CBD $20

Package of 6 $135

Shiatsu Foot Massage- Add this on to your foot soak! Tired and achy feet will love the combo of heat, kneading, rolling, compression and vibration. 15 min will help with circulation, prevent swelling and reduce pain. Find the right combo and you may just want to keep your feet tucked in all day!     $15/ 15 min

Package of 6 $81

Please check with your physician before enjoying any of these treatments

Seasonal Foot Soaks

Root Beer Float  Foot Soak.png

Root Beer Float Foot Soak- Feet have been softened by beer since the Middle Ages! The magical ingredients to our summer soak, hops and yeast, have a purifying & cleansing effects! We add marshmallow root & licorice to soothe any itchy bug bites and the refreshing scent of lemon and  cocoa will also chill your summer tootsies! And the glitter is just for funsies!

Always comes with a calming cup of tea!  $25         add CBD $20

Spring Foot Soak.png

Fire & Ice Foot Soak-Say goodbye to the chill of winter and hello to the warmth of spring with our new foot soak.  A revitalizing mix of cinnamon and clove with a blend of tingling mints paired with detoxifying charcoal.  Oh! and did we mention GLITTER!!

Always comes with a calming cup of tea!  $25     add CBD $20